Pycnogenol Benefits

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Pycnogenol Benefits

 Pycnogenol Can Help With Memory

In an Alzheimer’s patient a protein, beta amyloid, is produced that forms scaly, rough patches on the brain. These cluster together and a sticky plaque builds up, blocking cell communication. Pycnogenol  benefits by preventing the protein formation, blocks nerve cell damage and aids in the improvement of memory.

Most degenerative brain diseases are caused by oxidative damage. Bioflavonoids, which are compounds present in pine bark extract, neutralize harmful free radicals that oxidize cells and improve memory. Pycnogenol is a potent scavenger of free radicals, which have been implicated in many diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

There is also a strong link between diabetes and Alheimer’s disease. The plaque build up on the brain is similar to a plaque found in the pancreas of diabetes sufferers.

This plaque build up may have a lot to do with the way the cells in a diabetic become insulin resistant, or a re insulin deficient because the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin.

Scientists are now using the term Type 3 diabetes to describe Alzheimer’s disease.

Pycnogenol reviews 2 Pycnogenol BenefitsPycnogenol contains catechins, which are water-soluble polyphenols, according to the website

Besides preventing oxidative damage, these flavonoids reduce inflammation in the brain, which is another Alzheimer’s condition. The “Journal of Inflammation” website notes that pine bark extract shuts off naturally occurring enzymes associated with inflammatory conditions. Researchers are constantly looking for ways of early detection, prevention and slowing down the complex progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.


Pycnogenol is a safe and nontoxic herbal supplement and is obtained from the French Maritime Pine bark. Dosage depends on the seriousness of the disease.

Always discuss herbal remedies with a doctor.

Alternative therapies like the use of Pycnogenol are progressing in multiple studies and trials, but more research is needed on Alzheimer’s disease and Pycnogenol.

Recent research published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, demonstrates Pycnogenol®, an antioxidant plant extract from  French Maritime Pine bark, improves the memory of senior citizens. The study results revealed Pycnogenol® improved both numerical working memory as well as spatial working memory using a computerized testing system.

“The results support research from a range of disciplines indicating that antioxidants may have an effect in preserving or enhancing specific mental functions,” said Dr. Con Stough, lead researcher of the study.

Pycnogenol reviews 1 Pycnogenol BenefitsThe Centre for Neuropsychology at Swinburne University, Melbourne Australia, examined the effects of Pycnogenol® on a range of cognitive and biochemical measures in one hundred and one senior individuals aged 60-85 years old. The study also looked at the ‘oxidative stress’ hypothesis of ageing and neurological degeneration as it relates to normal changes in cognition in the elderly. The tests looked at measuring attention, working memory, episodic memory and psycho-motor performance. Results showed Pycnogenol® significantly improved memory after three months and the oxidation of nerve membranes was significantly inhibited.

According to Dr. Stough, “The antioxidant Pycnogenol® had beneficial cognitive and biochemical effects for elderly individuals. Participants in the Pycnogenol® groups showed improvement relative to the control group with the effects becoming evident from the second to third months of the Pycnogenol® treatment.”

Pycnogenol reviews Pycnogenol BenefitsAbout Pycnogenol®

Pycnogenol® is a natural plant extract originating from the bark of the maritime pine found growing along the coast of southwest France. French Maritime Pine Bark is found to contain a unique combination of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and organic acids, which offer extensive natural health benefits. The extract has been extensively studied for the past 35 years and has more than 220 published studies and review articles ensuring safety and efficacy as an ingredient.

How Do I Purchase Pycnogenol?

There are many different brands of pycnogenol on the market.

I have tried five of them and found one to be by far the best.

I found two brands did nothing at all, but one had a range on beneficial effects on me.

It must be the variety that uses the French Maritime Pine bark extract.

At the time I experimented with pycnogenol I was running a photography school with about 30 full time students. My daily tasks included managing stock and I would make regular calls to suppliers.

I found that I was having difficulty remembering phone numbers. These should have been as fmiliar as my own number, but I would usually have difficulty remembering them.

It even got to the stage where I would look the number up in the phone book, but worse than that I could only dial about three numbers and I would have to look back at the phone book to get the rest.

This did not help my daily work routine and you could imagine how embarrassing it could be with the students’ names. students I had been teaching for a year! I did wonder if I had Alzheimer’s.

I actually took pycnogenol on the advice of a friend, not for my memory, but for a persistently sore shoulder.

Well, within a week the shoulder pain had gone, but that was nothing to what happened to my memory.

My memory became (and still is) PERFECT!

The ONLY place to purchase pycnogenol is Kaire.

DO NOT, however get ENZO

Get MARITIME PRIME (click “Products” and then Maritime Prime Pycnogenol)

That is the only one using French Maritime Pine bark.
Here you can open some Pycnogenol Reviews courtesy of Kaire.

Pycnogenol Reviews

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