Memory Loss Treatment

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Memory Loss Treatment

Are you becoming forgetful?

Do you think you may need some kind of  Memory Loss Treatment?

Don’t worry, there are many causes of memory loss and many means of short term memory loss treatment. There are memory improvement techniques that may be of help.

The catch phrase when we are being a little forgetful is “You must have Alzheimer’s.”

Well, being forgetful is NOT having Alzheimer’s Disease, OK?

People with Alzheimer’s are forgetful, but people who are forgetful don’t necessarily have Alzheimer’s.

Besides the “forgetfulnes” of Alzheimer’s is not as simple as not knowing where your car keys are.

For an idea of what Alzheimer’s might be like (and that is just the very beginning stages) go to this page.

You will see that this condition is a profound loss of not only memory, but reasoning too, which relies on memory to work.

There are many more symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that we will not go into here, but you will find extensive information at HelpGuide.

A particular memory loss treatment will depend on just what is going on to make you forgetful. On the other hand any memory improvement technique can be helpful, whatever the causes of memory loss.

We should first take a look at the reasons for memory loss and then find a short term memory loss treatment.


The first stage in memory loss treatment is to look at diet.

Memory loss treatment.3 Memory Loss TreatmentThis is not difficult. Essentially the best short term memory loss treatment it is just eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

You should prepare your own meals. That is do not , ever, ever, purchase prepared, pre-packaged food.

The place to control this is at the supermarket.

If you currently buy prepared for you food, then remove it from you diet gradually. Just one “Meal” a week will do it, but keep at it.

The additives and chemicals in pre-prepared food can cause serious memory problems among a whole lot of others – many more serious.

Don’t even bother reading the labels. The manufacturers are not stupid. As soon as one “ingredient” gets bad press, they just call it another name.

Government health warnings don’t cover even a small fraction of what is in that pseudo food.

After a few weeks of using fresh ingredients you will feel the difference and you will certainly remember what it was like before, because your memory will be working.

Given that, there are a few foods and supplements that are especially good for memory and I cover some of those here.

Just realize that one of the prime reasons for memory loss is poor diet. You can fix that!


We could call diet a “Chemical” approach to enhancing memory. More direct chemical methods would, of course, be drugs.

There are drugs available that Alzheimer’s patients are given, but for that you must be diagnosed with the disease.

What non-chemical methods are available to us?


How to Enhance Memory.

Memory loss treatment.6 Memory Loss TreatmentExercise

When you exercise the body, you improve your brain.

Keeping your body fit can increase your ability to process and recall information.

Physical exercise increases blood flow to the brain and that brings needed oxygen to your brain. This helps to keep the brain working well.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of disorders that can contribute to memory loss, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Exercise also helps in the production of  essential brain chemicals that protect brain cells.

Simple, regular exercise and a good diet is probably your best  approach to short term memory loss treatment.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Memory loss treatment.4 Memory Loss TreatmentSleep is the restorative process essential to all the body, especially the brain. If you are sleep deprived, your brain can’t operate properly. Creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills are all reduced. Sleep is critical to learning and memory in a very direct and fundamental way. Research has shown that sleep is needed for memory consolidation. The key memory-enhancing process occurs during the deepest stages of sleep.

If you are serious about finding out how to enhance your memory, just make sure you sleep well

Sleeping properly and going into a deep sleep is one of the fundamental requirements for having proper memory.

 Social Activity

Memory loss treatment.7 Memory Loss TreatmentStudies have shown that  cognitive benefits are derived from fun activities, especially when these are shared with others. A good healthy and active social environment is most beneficial to memory.

Conversation between friends builds a healthier mind and brain. The brain responds to conversation the way the body does to physical exercise.

Social activity is the brain’s work out.

We are highly social animals. We do not thrive in isolation.

Relationships stimulate our brains—in fact, interacting with others may well be the very best kind of brain exercise you can have.

What easier way is there to improve your brain than just talking to other people?

Research shows that having meaningful relationships are vital to brain health. A recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people with active social lives had the least decline in memory. Findings have shown conclusively that an effective short term memory loss treatment is simply to be social.

Do you know someone in need of social contact?

Take advantage of the brain and memory-boosting benefits of  being social. Volunteer to work in an organization, join a club, make a point of seeing friends more often, reach out over the phone.

Don’t forget the value of pets. Pet and especially dogs have been found to act as well as social contact, especially for the less mobile and elderly. Stroke victims who have no speech are able to benefit from the therapeutic effect of pets.


Memory loss treatment.8 Memory Loss TreatmentWe have all heard that laughter is the best medicine. Well it turns out that it is very memory loss treatment. Other emotional responses tend to be limited to specific areas of the brain, but laughter engages multiple regions across the whole brain.

Listening to jokes and working out punch lines stimulates parts of the brain related to learning and memory. Psychologist Daniel Goleman states in his book called Emotional Intelligence, “Laughter seems to help people think more broadly and associate more freely.”

Of course laughter goes with fun, so have as much fun as you can in the day.

Try being with children.

They know how to do it.

 Variety is the Spice of Life.

Our brains can be trained. When we learn a new task, one of the best ways to get the hang of it is through repetition.

Repetitive activity builds neural pathways in the brain. Once these are established we say that we have learned how to do the task. That, in fact, from the inside, is how learning works.

The trouble is that these pathways can become too ingrained. If we just follow these and don’t add new ones our brains become lethargic. Brains need a challenge and learning new skills is an ideal memory loss treatment.

Vary common activities by doing things differently. You know how good the same food can taste just by eating outdoors. Try doing routine activities in a new place, or maybe turn on some music and dance to it as you do there same old things.

Learning a new language or a musical instrument is a great way to stimulate the brain and improve your brain.


Memory loss treatment.9 Memory Loss TreatmentThere is ample scientific proof now that meditation is beneficial to the mind. Studies have shown that meditation helps improve many different  conditions, from depression, anxiety and chronic pain, to high blood pressure and diabetes. Meditation can improve concentration, creativity, learning and memory. Meditation can teach the mind to rest, which is essential to reducing stress, which we have shown is one of the causes of memory loss.

Scientists have run ECG tests on meditating subjects and found that they have increased activity in the left prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain associated with feelings of joy and well being.

Meditation increases activity in the cerebral cortex and brings about more connections between brain cells, thus increasing mental sharpness and memory. Obviously it is a good way to improve your brain.

There is an interesting product available that probably goes well with the idea of meditation. It is a very special method of recording sound that causes the brain to generate new neural pathways.

To find information on that you can go to this site.  Now I have tried this and can highly recommend it. To find out why go to this page.


Memory loss treatment.5 Memory Loss TreatmentYoga is a very old system of movement of the body to produce a wide range of beneficial effects. We see pictures of people in extreme postures, which might seem impossible to us, so we don’t think we could do it, but Yoga need not be like that at all.

From the stand point of memory, just some more basic yoga practices, done regularly will assist with memory enhancement.

Most towns and cities will have yoga classes you can attend. It is a great way to improve your brain while you improve your body at the same time


Memory loss treatment.10 Memory Loss TreatmentMnemonics (forget the first “M”) is the name given to the association of ideas that we can use to assist in memory.

While this is not a memory loss treatment per se, it is a good trick, a way of remembering and if you want to know how to enhance memory without really doing anything, this is the way.

The human memory system came about through our evolution. Memory was closely associated with vision. We saw objects and remembered them. Then came the association of those objects with concepts and ideas. We saw an animal and associated that object with food. We associated food with the concept of hunting.

The thing is that there was always a good reason to remember things. Survival depended on it.

Now days we are called upon to remember facts and ideas that we cannot see and there is no association with an object, or concept, other than perhaps an abstract one. The memory system is not well equipped to deal with this “unnatural” situation.

To get around this we make up our own objects or concepts and we “see” these in our imagination.

In other words we associate ideas to assist our memory.

Let’s say we have difficulty remembering names of people we are introduced to.

We are introduced to Mrs Green. She has red hair. We say to ourselves (not out loud please) the common saying “Red and green should never be seen” (together).

When we meet Mrs Green next time our brain will remember that association and we will recall the name “Green”

Another way is to paint a mental picture, so we generate our own object for memory to latch on to.

We meet  Rosa Parks, so we picture roses in a park, with Rosa walking through them.

Another method is to make a word or sentence form the first letters of a list we need to learn. For example the word “Roygbiv” (roygeebiv) is an acronym for the colors of the spectrum,

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Humorous associations are always good to help memory.

Rhythm and song are also powerful memory tools.

Make a little rhyme out of what you need to remember, or put the words to a favorite tune.

Memory loss treatment. 1 Memory Loss TreatmentIn New Zealand the indigenous people are the Maori.

These people, in ancient times used to travel great distances in search of resources.

They had no written language and no maps.

To find their way along an already discovered path they would sing a song. The words of the song included all the landmarks they needed to get where they wanted to go.

To get home they simply sung the song backwards.

Memory loss treatment.2 Memory Loss Treatment

While these methods don’t improve your brain outright, they do help in many situations. This will help to lessen stress in these situations too.

If you are in need of short term memory loss treatment, you could try some of the memory improvement techniques we discuss here.

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